By Sara Batisti, Alicia Gonzalez, Emanuele Innocenti, Mattia Virtuani

Migration to planet Mars: is it happening for real?

Every great migration deserve a colonization. Apparently nowadays lot people are really interested in trying to reach on of the 9 planets of the solar system: Mars.
From the Cold War, in which it was just a reason to prove the strength of different countries, now the possible future migration on planet Mars is being studying thoroughly. This kind of topic
is effectively increasing of relevance thank to the appearance on the global scene of private agencies like SpaceX. This new, fresh kind of companies are reintroducing the old-way of thinking about that planet. Nasa, stoical american governative space agency, has launched a proposal on a possible “Journey to Mars” last year.For that reason we find ourself in a historic turning point in which all the studies done until now are allowing us to build a more and more real and tangible scenario of “space migration”. Agencies are trying to understand even more how to bring high number of humans to the Red planet with different space travel per year. These events let us assume that, thanks to new technologies developed, in 30 years there is a quite high probability to become a multi-planetary species. This will mean for the Eath’s inhabitant a brand new possibility of migration to a completely unexplored way of living. Even influential personalities, like Stephen Hawking has pronounced a speech at the University of Cambridge saying assertion like: “I think the human race has no future if it doesn't go to space.” or “I believe that life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as a sudden nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, or other dangers.”
Moving away from uncertain and pessimistic visions, we arrive at Elon Musk, leader of the neo-space agency, who believe that:”Humanity has more chances of survival if becomes a multi-planetary species” So the research have been developed in disentangle this complex topic pointing out the main sub-topics which are discussed, and what kind of imaginary is being pursued by international space agencies.

research roadmap

HOW MUCH MANKIND HAS BEEN INTERESTED IN MOVING TO MARS IN THE COURSE OF TIME? NOWADAYS, WHERE DOES THE ISSUE STANDS? WHO ARE THE MAIN ACTORS? WHAT ARE THEIR PLANS? WHAT KIND OF IMAGES NASA AND SPACEX ENCOURAGE? WHAT IS THE VISION OF MARS DEVELOPED IN MOVIES? WHAT IS THE VISION GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC THROUGH FILM COVER? NEWS WEBSITES Checking the page of WIkipedia about “Nasa” and “SpaceX” to understand the vision that people give about them and pointing out different interests Define visions about NASA and SPACEXconnected to MARS MIGRATION WHICH ARE THE MAIN TOPIC DISCUSSED? Research on Web ( in the last year of the query “Migration to Mars” Analysis of every single article with following classification in 7 different subjects Defining 3 main areas in which the debate is developed BLOG PLATFORM SCIENTIFIC WEB. Wiki analysis of the page “Human mission to Mars” so Emerging privatespace agencies Growing interest on planet Mars, since 1950 Analysis of every single article finding the main actors mentioned and match the value with the rank of web research NASA SPACEX Analysis of their key videos about the programm for Mars migration By poster images analysis of movies on Mars from 1918 until today By plot analysis of movies on Marssince the beginning oh the 20th century I. II. III. IV. V. VI.