By Chen Yuxiao, Gao He, Ling Siyang, Tian Long

The Rashomon effect of Climate change

The United States and China, the world’s two largest economies and the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, have formally committed to the Paris climate agreement recently, cementing their partnership on climate change and offering a rare display of harmony in a relationship that has become increasingly discordant.

Climate change was never just a scientific issue, there are too many interests and deceits behind. Our research aims to analyze the different voices from China and United States. Though our research we found out that although there is a basic consensus about climate change, but it still has different interpretations from different medias and individuals. The climate change has the Rashomon effect between China and United States. (The Rashomon effect is a term used to describe the circumstance when the same events is given contradictory interpretations by different individuals. )

In order to analyze the question comprehensively and systematically, our analysis focuses on five different perspectives. Search engine, News, Social media and the Popular culture (books and movies). From this five perspectives we can get an overview about the consensus and controversies of climate change between China and United states.

research roadmap