EMAPS Sprint - Paris, January 2014

Donato Ricci, Julie Simon, Giovanni Magni, David Laniado, Alexis Jacomy, Tommaso Venturini


The aim of the EMAPS Sprint was to produce digital maps and data visualisations as tools for actors engaged in the debate on international negotiations on adaptation to climate change. Group 4 was tasked with comparing the National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) submitted by the Least Developed Countries (LCDs) and the funds that have been committed through the various adaptation funds - specifically the:

The interactive visualizations have been made using the HTML5 technologies (JavaScript, Canvas, SVG, CSS3) and the libraries sigma.js, raphael.js and jquery.js.

Data sources


For the AF, LDCF, SCCF, PPCR we received data from Climate Funds Update. See http://www.climatefundsupdate.org/data.

For more information on the Multi-Lateral Funds (MLFs), see:

For information on population and GDP we used information from http://data.worldbank.org/.

Comparison between NAPA submissions, multi-lateral funds and bilateral funds

NAPA projects country profiling per categories

NAPA projects country profiling per funds, GDP and population

NAPA bipartite network

NAPA countries network

Multi-lateral funded projects country profiling per categories

Multi-lateral funded projects dataset bipartite networks

Cross-sources country profiling per categories

Multi-lateral funds flowcharts

Countries ranking

Themes networks